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Combloggoogle-organic-click-through-rates-in-. Local search for businesses figure. ctr based on location on a google serp for branded and unbranded research. If the top of the first page is what matters to be visible, we have to understand that more and more our ability to be visible online local seo service impacts on our behalf economic offline, because the customer's decision process is radically changed. In fact, as several studies have shown that, prior to making a purchase, the potential consumer consult up to information sources ranging from radio to tv, newspaper articles, through word of mouth and of course the web, as shown in table.

Purchase category average number of sources used user of users affected by zmot cars and accessories. technology consumer electronics. Travel. products local seo package for self-medication.generic consumer goods. personal care restaurants “fast-food”banking services. insurance. credit cards. investments.'s how to change the information sources used in the purchasing process. Source: google shopper sciences, zero moment of truth industry studies, u. S., april. Chapter the availability of smart phones with apps and internet access will increase the tendency to see the network in the decision-making process, even for local. It is therefore evident a sharp increase in the amount of information collected and consulted sources online and offline, even before you decide to make a choice of purchasing and visiting a physical store.

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According to the study conducted by google with symphony iri group, in and shows that the percentage of customers who perfected their own decision-making process purchase in the store was decreased from to. Right now it plays an increasingly local seo services india important role in decision making purchase: if in procter gamble introduced the concept of foot first moment of truth by identifying the first contact visit here with the product and the seller decisive moment to persuade a customer to buy, in google introduced the new concept of zmot zero moment of truth. 

The consumer buying process has changed, to the point that local seo services india we believe the most online reviews that our eyes. Last summer, walking through a place of greece vacation, i noticed a major restaurant, instead of the menu, exposed outside a huge screen with your open web page on tripadvisor, the with all the reviews on display. The consumer is more and more confidence in the test social finding online reviews and less of the other stimuli. The final aspect to consider is the importance of mobile devices used by your clients. Today's consumers are constantly moving and use smart phones and tablet to interact with the world, hours on, days out of, wherever they are: at home, at work, on the bus, on vacation, during a lavoro trip, while traveling and even when they are at bagno.

Google knows that the web navigation device mobile is very different from the way desktop computer or laptop, and for this reason different pages of results even according to the screen size, as you have seen in the examples related to “italian restaurant in new york.” beyond the fashions and. Google shopper sciences, zero moment of truth industry studies, u. S., april..The zmot identifies the striking moment of decision-making in a period prior to contact physical with the product or the seller, is when searching for information about the product itself, before deciding local seo package what to buy. It is, mostly, a research carried out mainly through web and by consulting various sources in increasing amounts, just as demonstrated by google. If you do not believe google, look at the amount of time that people spend in front of mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, during the free-time.